Cybersecurity defense can bring to mind a brilliant engineer pounding away at a keyboard to heroically outwit an attacker, or expensive investments in specialized technologies. The reality is different. Preventing most attacks does not require cybersecurity investments. Consistent processes to keep employees alert, control access […]

We recently met with several prospective clients that need to scale existing applications. This article summarizes key elements of organizing for and specific technical approaches to achieving scalability. Our team generally comes from capital markets trading backgrounds. For many securities, achieving the best price depends […]

We recently met with the chief architect of a company starting a large project to reinvent their core application platform. They previously used off the shelf software and so had less reason to use agile practices. He asked: how can we start agile development? Agile fundamentally breaks […]

Technology leaders starting big, new projects have asked us this question several times. In short: yes. The key is showing constant progress realizing business outcomes. This contrasts with waterfall approaches that attempt to anticipate need for large sets of specific features, and then set a […]

Digital business models and transforming core applications can drive strong business value. However, most large IT initiatives fail to meet expectations. McKinsey & Company found that 66% of big IT projects exceed budget and 33% run longer than planned[1]. Businesses need a new approach. Many […]